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Young Eye Surgeon International Service Grantee Spotlight: Milad Modabber, MD    

Milad Modabber, MD is a 2020 ASCRS Foundation Young Eye Surgeon International Service Grant recipient. This grant was created for aspiring humanitarian ophthalmologists who want to participate in and learn about the complexities of our global healthcare system. Read below about Dr. Modabber's service project in Pondicherry, India and his advice for other young eye surgeons.

ASCRS Foundation: How did you initially become interested in ophthalmology?

Dr. Modabber: "I pursued an award-based global health project exploring the role of trachoma amongst the aboriginal populations of Australia. After that immersive experience, my love of ophthalmology and global health continued to flourish and I never looked back!"

ASCRS Foundation:  How did you hear about the ASCRS Foundation and the Young Eye Surgeon International Service Grant program?

Dr. Modabber: "I was advised by mentors to pursue this exciting program. Despite the limitations set by COVID, this program has already had a huge impact on my pursuit of global health opportunities through the connections forged with many movers and shakers in the field, who generously extend their knowledge and networks to help guide us as we traverse our early careers in global ophthalmology."

ASCRS Foundation:  Can you tell us more about the service project that you are working on as a result of the grant?

Dr. Modabber: "I will be traveling to Pondicherry, India to work with Aravind on learning MSICS, understanding the nuances of organizational processes that underlie and support eyecare outreach programs in resource-limited settings, and pursuing a feasibility project on environmental sustainability as part of my early involvement with the ASCRS EyeSustain program."


ASCRS Foundation: What advice would you give to other young ophthalmologists looking to pursue the Young Eye Surgeon International Service Grant opportunity?


Dr. Modabber: "Pursue what you actually love. You'll be more engaged, be better at it, and that passion will motivate others to more readily support your dreams. There are so many great global ophthalmology opportunities to consider, but you have to be realistic in your ability to commit the time and effort required to engage effectively. So be realistic in what you can take on."


The Young Eye Surgeons International Service Grant was created to inspire young eye surgeons to become involved with global eye care on a long-term basis. The grant affords the opportunity to participate in health care systems, including teaching institutions and community programs, in developing countries. To learn more about the Young Eye Surgeon International Service Grant opening on July 15, please complete the interest form located below!

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