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2021 ASCRS Foundation Catalyst Partner Spotlight - Avellino

ASCRS Foundation Catalyst Partner Spotlight: Avellino

Avellino is a 2021 Catalyst Partner of the ASCRS Foundation. Their generosity has helped fuel our mission at a time where the need for our programs is ever-growing due to the ongoing impacts of the pandemic. We spoke with Avellino to learn more about their work and how together, we are changing lives.


“The ophthalmic community has the extraordinary ability to change lives with the gift of sight, and the ASCRS Foundation is a wonderful organization that harnesses this amazing talent and heart with their mission to provide both education and life-changing ocular surgeries to some of our most vulnerable communities. Serving as an ASCRS Foundation Chair Member is one of my greatest honors, and both I and the entire Avellino team are proud to support this inspiring charitable organization.”
Jim Mazzo, President and CEO


ASCRS Foundation: What is your mission?


Avellino: At Avellino, our vision and mission is to deliver precision health globally, powered by genomics.


What this translates to is using the power and promise of genetics to solve some of the toughest challenges in health, including in eye care. We are extremely proud of the launch of AvaGenTM, the first genetic test that quantifies the genetic risk of keratoconus and the presence of TGFBI related corneal dystrophies.


We know early detection of keratoconus is key in slowing disease progression with proper treatment, and AvaGen can be administered to a patient by their eye care practitioner whenever there is a known family history of keratoconus or suspect signs, such as increasing astigmatism. Patients who are considering refractive eye surgery with suspect diagnostic evaluations are also a candidate for AvaGen, as the surgeon can be informed about their genetic risk prior to undergoing this type of procedure.


Avellino is not stopping here, as we plan to launch a genetic test for glaucoma in 2022. It is our honor to bring precision health to eye care providers and empower doctors to provide greater care to patients. You can learn more about AvaGen at https://www.avellino.com/en/products/avagen-test


ASCRS Foundation: Can you offer your perspective on how your mission and the ASCRS Foundation’s mission intersect?


Avellino: It all comes down to one of the most impactful ways anyone can give back: By helping support human health. The ASCRS Foundation’s mission to provide both physician education and humanitarian cataract surgery globally directly ties to Avellino’s passion to also improve vision around the world.


Vision is one of our most precious senses, so when the eye care community comes together to address issues such as the lack of trained eye surgeons in certain geographies, or dedicating research to detect and treat genetic eye disease, our efforts are amplified toward supporting the greater good and improving health, which in turn improves lives.


ASCRS Foundation: How do you hope your gift will impact ophthalmology via our mission to provide physician education and humanitarian eyecare to those in need?


Avellino: While common, thankfully cataracts are also highly treatable. Avellino hopes our donation will help the ASCRS Foundation continue its mission to provide sight-saving surgery to those most in need, while also providing much-needed resources and physician education to communities that have very limited access to ophthalmologists. We also know our donation will help provide life-changing ophthalmic surgical procedures to individuals who are least able to afford such treatment.


Clear vision can dramatically improve quality of life, and the Foundation’s stories of hope and how better vision has helped turn lives around is both humbling and inspirational, and is just one reason Avellino is a proud Foundation supporter. 


ASCRS Foundation: Anything else you would like to share?


Avellino: Between the great efforts from organizations such as the ASCRS Foundation and increasing interest in genetics and eye care, the next decade will bring even more breakthroughs to prevent, diagnose and treat eye disease. While the challenges are complex, Avellino is fully committed to do its part to improve human health, and is proud to support the ASCRS Foundation with our common goal to bring sight to communities around the world.


ASCRS Foundation: We are deeply grateful for Avellino’s support and partnership. Their unwavering commitment will help us change the lives of those that need it most.


For more information on becoming a 2022 partner of the ASCRS Foundation, please contact Molly Gascoigne, Director of Development at mgascoigne@ascrs.org or (703) 788-5781

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